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Zebra Pixel is a leading Malaysian animation and VFX studio providing one-stop solution from cinematic trailers production & real-time VFX, from head to toe. Armed with years of experience in producing top-notch 3D animation, VFX and innovative digital arts, we aspire to be most reliable animation and VFX studio for film companies and game publishers around the world.


We provide digital production services for feature films, commercials, attraction films from pre-production to high end digital animation. 


Most recently Zebra Pixel acquired and renovating our global teams in US, Korea, China for upcoming Theme Park films, Feature animation, VFX, and Virtual Reality Contents lead by one of Zebra Pixel’s founder, Jae Cheol Hong. With Jae that having the experience in handling Hollywood blockbuster movies, our experience and proprietary tools are propelling us to produce top quality results.


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